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Christina Reynolds Locker

Christina Reynolds

A little about me

Hello and welcome Wildcats! 

My name is Christina Reynolds or Ms. Christina as I am called at school.

I have been an employee at San Antonio for 3 years now as an Instructional Aide . I have been a bus driver for the 2 school years. My volunteer time at this school has been for the last 8 years, since my eldest was in Kindergarten! Yes both of my kids are Wildcats! As you can see I've been well acquainted with this school for some time now. I was even a student myself from 3rd grade through 8th grade here. Go Wildcats!


  I have lived in the surrounding Lockwood area since childhood. I currently reside with my husband James and our two children Chloe and J3. We do have a few animals around, two cats named Cupid and Impasta, one duck, three goats, and some chickens i don't count them. They keep me pretty busy these days.


Some of my favorite pastimes are hatching chicks in springtime, I usually hatch out 3 separate batches. I raise them for eggs and we sometimes name a few. As a family we like to go camping, we have seen some amazing sights on our travels. I hope to see more when we are able to travel again.

I miss you my friends.


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