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Pam Strejan Locker

Pam Strejan

Hello to everyone.  I'm Pam Strejan.  I have worked at San Antonio School for over 20 years as the classified librarian and classroom support, as well as spending many hours on the playground with you!


My husband and I moved to Lockwood in 1990.  Prior to that, we lived in Atascadero.  I grew up in Kansas.  During our time in Lockwood, we raised 2 children, Stephanie and John Michael.  They both attended San Antonio School.  After their graduation here, Stephanie went to Templeton High School and John Michael to King City High School.  Stephanie now teaches High School History while John Michael has his business degree and works for a large company in San Diego.


In my free time, I love to read (no surprise there), garden and bake.  I also love spending time with my three grandchildren.


I am missing seeing all of you during this time.  I hope you are all doing well and enjoying spending time with your families!


Mrs. Strejan