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Dawn Soares

Dawn Soares

Hi Everyone! Ms. Dawn here.

Here’s a little about me. I was born and raised in Salinas, California.

My husband, Jason and I moved our family down to King City in 2001.

 We were not strangers to the area, my Grandmother was from Bitterwater and Jason’s family farmed in Greenfield.

 We wanted our children to go to school in a smaller setting then they would have in Salinas.

San Antonio Elementary was perfect for our kids. Our son Westley graduated in 2010 and our daughter Teagan in 2014.

I began my career at the school as a substitute in the cafeteria. I began working full time at the school when Teagan started kindergarten and this year is my sixteenth year at the school. I worked in the cafeteria for twelve years and have been in the office for four years now. I very much enjoy working with my coworkers in the office and all of the staff at San Antonio.