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3/19/20 7:15 PM
3/20/20 8:46 PM
Pastel Chalk Art

A fun art project we have been working on here at home is pastel chalk art.  Simply place a cut out onto black paper, trace with pastel chalk and use your finger to smudge the chalk outwards.  remove the cut out and you have a fun and easy art project for all ages!  (i'll post a video soon!)

Sarah Conatser

How we are keeping busy while sheltering in place!

Hello there Wildcat families!!! 

Ms. Sarah here!  A little about me:  I work in the front office and have been with the school district for a little over three years now.  I grew up in Lockwood and graduated 8th grade from our little country school (a long time ago).  My husband and I moved back here because we both wanted to raise our kids in this small, tight nit community.  I am very proud that my children get to attend school at San Antonio with our amazing teachers, staff and community to help grow them into amazing humans.

well, enough about me.  

As we are all aware, the state of California has been grounded! So, in between working diligently on school work that has been sent home by our amazing teachers, we try to find some fun activities here in the Conatser household.  Follow along with us and try some of these ideas out at home!

Hope to see you all soon!!

Ms. Sarah

Clarabelle's Ultrasound

So, I love all animals and when my kids wanted goats I jumped in head first.  We have had our goats for about 2 years now and they are pregnant!   We had the vet out on Thursday for some other things and decided to have an ultrasound done on the goats.  If you look closely at the screen in the video below you will see two baby goats (kids) kicking around in their mommy's tummy!  

Apple Chips

One of my kids' favorite snacks is cinnamon apple rings.  My favorite thing about them is that they are pretty healthy (with the exception of the sugar that is secretly added, haha!) Making them also help to preserve apples that may be going bad and would otherwise need to be thrown away (or fed to the chickens).  Below is a sure way to set you on the path of making some for yourself while hanging out at home for the next few weeks!


1.  Slice apples into thin rings.  I use an apple slicer to make this step go by quickly and it is a safe tool for the kids to use (don't tell them, but its the toughest part!)

2.  toss apples in cinnamon/sugar mixture.  The ratio is really up to you.  You can also make plain apple chips but my kids never let me forget to "add the cinnamon and sugar!"

3.  Place apples in dehydrator until they are the texture you prefer.  We like them soft and chewy so we set our dehydrator at 145 degrees for 6 hours.  If you do not have a dehydrator, your over will also work!

4. ENJOY!!