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Modernization Project Begins!
Posted 2/26/19

Dear San Antonio Elementary Parents and Community Members,


In June of 2016, the Lockwood Community voted to make an investment in the students of our community through the passage of a bond that is allowing for significant modernization to occur on the San Antonio campus.


The main building is being remodeled with a focus on student safety and modern learning facilities. A clearly defined front entrance to the school will constructed along with a modern library and learning center, larger multi-purpose room, conference areas, and office space.


On Monday, March 4, the front office is being relocated to Room 15. There will be signs to direct you when you come on campus.


Construction is scheduled to begin by the end of March beginning with library/learning center, front entrance, and office. The multi-purpose room/cafeteria will be under construction during the summer when students are out of school.


During this time, as always, student safety is our first and foremost concern. San Antonio is working with Wysong Construction to cordon off the area being worked on so that it is not accessible to students.


The kitchen will operate as usual and students will have access to the current library and cafeteria for the remainder of the school year.


Official updates on the project will be available at the monthly school board meetings on the second Tuesday of each month.


We thank you, the community, for the investment in our students and our school!


Pam Hernandez


San Antonio Union Elementary School District